Symbols in Right Extremist Movement

New era symbols
Historic WW2 symbols

New era symbols

Acronyms and number symbols
Present or post WW2 extremist organization symbols
New modifications of historic symbols and other racism related symbols

Acronyms and number symbols

14 Words - The symbol that represents the quote made famous by imprisoned white supremacist David Lane, "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

33/5 used primarily by people involved in a Klan organization. The "33" represents three times eleven, with eleven representing the eleventh letter in the alphabet, "K." The "5" stands for the 5th era of the Klan or today's Klan.

HFFH - "Hammerskin forever, Forever Hammerskin"

88 is the symbol that represents 'Heil Hitler.' H is the eighth letter in the alphabet, hence 'HH' or 88.

Present or post WW2 extremist organization symbols

The Blood Drop - This symbol is most often used by various Ku Klux Klan organizations throughout the US.

Aryan Nations - This is the symbol used by the notorious Aryan Nations. A Christian Identity/Neo-Nazi organization based in Hayden Lake, Idaho. The organization has been at the center of violent racist activity since its inception in 1974. The Aryan Nations is the Political Arm of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian.

W.A.R. Logo - This is the symbol for the Fallbrook, California-based White Aryan Resistance led by Tom Metzger. Young racism skinheads are often affiliated with this group and can be seen wearing the logo.

National Alliance - The symbol of the Westboro, West Virginia-based National Alliance led by William Pierce. The organization is one of the most dangerous hate groups in the world today. The symbol is also called the LIFE RUNE or YGGDRAGSIL.

World Church of the Creator - The symbol of the violent and revolutionary World Church of the Creator based in East Peoria, Illinois and led by Matt Hale. The organization has chapters in 22 states as well as overseas chapters. The organization preaches a theology called 'creativity,' whose basic premise is that a person's race is their religion. The doctrine has nothing to do with any mainstream organized religion.

Hammerskin - The symbol worn by members of the Hammerskin Nation, a notorious racist skinhead organization. Different factions of the organization will have variations on their symbols worn, but they all include the crossed hammers and cog.


For more information please see:

American Front - The logo used by the racist skinhead organization, The American Front.

New modifications of historic symbols and other racism related symbols

Celtic Cross - Although not explicitly a racist symbol, the Celtic cross is often used by people in the white power movement, especially skinheads. The cross pictured here is one most often used by racist groups. Occasionally, the cross will be made from Celtic knot work

Odin's Rune - The Symbol of a Pagan Religion called Odinism. Neither the religion nor the symbol is racist but both have been co-opted by certain sectors of the Far Right.

White Power - This symbol can often be spotted as a patch worn on the flight jackets of racist skinheads.

Confederate Flag - A symbol that is not always used in a racist context, but has certainly been adopted by those in the racist movement. It is very often seen as a patch worn on the flight jackets of racist skinheads and on the uniforms of the Klan and other racist organizations.

Crucified Skinhead - Most often adapted as a tattoo. The symbol can be used by both racist and anti-racist skinheads. It is primarily used as a working class symbol.

Posse Comitatus - The symbol used by the violently racist anti-Semitic organization, The Posse Comitatus. It is a loosely organized group that follows the doctrine of Christian Identity. The group's primary spokesperson is James Wickstro

SA - The Symbol worn by the Nazi SA Organization. Number 88 was added by current movement to clearly recognize symbol as Neo-Nazi symbol.

Iron Cross - Again, this is a symbol that is not inherently racist but is frequently used by those in the racist movement. The cross represents strength. To identify it as a racist symbol, it will usually have a swastika in the center of the cross.

Historic WW2 symbols

NSDAP - The symbol of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

Pinwheel Swastika - This is another variation on the Swastika symbol that is used by racists

Iron Eagle - A symbol used by Nazi Germany that is often used by Racist Skinheads and people within the White Power Music Scene. The symbol can be represented in several ways, but all contain the same basic elements of an eagle over a swastika.

Lightning Bolts - These symbols are frequently seen tattooed on racist skinheads. It is the symbol originally worn by Hitler's SS.

Deaths Head (Totenkopf)- This symbol was originally used by Nazi SS Soldiers during WWII but now can be frequently seen worn by racist skinheads. It is also a favorite among those in the white power music scene.

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