Non-governmental report on Right extremism in Århus 2008

Smilets city - the extreme Right movement's stronghold

A hard core of Aarhus right-wing extremists have since the mid-1990s fought to put an extreme-nationalist agenda, the objective is to be sent non-Western people out of the country and break the progressive movement.

The funds have varied from sticker and bannerophængning of demonstrations, læserbreve and graffiti to the hue, harassment, assault and brandattentater. Under cover of various organisations, including lokallisten Aarhus Towards Moskeen, the same people year after year directed their skyts against a multi-ethnic society, Islam and the left.

The historical basis for the environment is the Danish Association (DDF) and White Pride. The two organisations are closely related, which clearly is reflected by the Danish Forenings annual grundlovsmøder, and will still function as a gateway to the environment. While DDF provides a policy framework and legitimererer a militant approach to indvanderer / refugee question, then acts White Pride Group as a plug-in-rend boys and the violent wing of the same movement.

"A biological worldview"
The hard core founded in 2002 Danish Front, as they were excluded from the good company of the Danish People's Party. Then they could decide the guidelines, and the declared racist network was a parade of extremist approach by the group working with. It took the Nazis from the Blood & Honour in the network, and was targeted by politicising violent hooligans across the country. At the same time attaching Monday close links with Nazi groups in England, Sweden and Germany, and argued for a "biological world." Herhjemme network was behind the attacks and threats, and the systematic registration of political opponents and ethnic minorities.

Since the Danish Front in 2007 was affected by internal divisions, the network Aarhus leadership to form a new association and re-launch its project with a nice facade. The new project was named Vederfølner. Despite many fine words about that now respect the rules of democracy want the association does not really break with friends in the White Pride.

Hamskifte changes nothing
This disclosed the last years of research in the højreekstreme environment by Researchkollektivet Redox. It turns out that Vederfølner is the direct continuation of the Danish Front, and the White Pride is permanent guests of the Association events. The Association's major summer festival earlier this year bar members of the racist and violent hooligangruppe official Vederfølner jackets as they did against the guests at an agreed assembly centre.

Personsammenfaldet between the two groups, and Vederfølners based on the violent, Nazi Danish Front networks, confirm the impression that the environment is composed of one højreekstremistisk movement, which just switch him to the public when it is beneficial.

The hard core - as the remainder of the right wing has labeled as the bad company - trying to Vederfølner to have committed a new generation of the extremist movement under false pretences. The fact that several board members in Vederfølner over the years have trained senior White Pride hooligans in kampsportsteknikker through the association Forsvardem should thus serve as a warning to the young people who are considering becoming a member of the association.

An open leaves
In the stands at AGF's matches have the city's right-wing extremists, over several years, also tried to lure young fans to their environment. While few would doubt the White Pride is the issue, they are managed stemningsgruppen Nysir, in the period 2007/08, to have a dominant role in AGFs matches. This has happened despite the group's close ties to leading right-wing extremists in and outside fanmiljøet in Aarhus.

Because of the large concentration of current and former right-wing extremists active in Nysir operates the group today - voluntarily or involuntarily - as an open leaves to the country's largest racist subculture. This raises the question whether the group is entitled to represent the AGF in the stands when the club on several occasions have turned up in a clear anti-racist profile.

In connection with offetliggørelsen of this report on the Aarhus, we would like to thank the many sources who helped us with our work. None mentioned, none forgotten.

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Good læselyst,

Research group Redox, 18. august 2008.

From the White Pride to the Danish People's Youth - 1994 to 2002

"In 1994, took any of us together on a bus ride home from Arsenal with the official fan club (DHB - the White Brøl, Ed.) 16. Oct 1994 (this date is the cornerstone in the establishment WPs). We had the Brøndbys kontrolørrer received and know that we had to leave the stadium as quickly as possible after the fight, because they were afraid to Southside (a hooligan group from Arsenal, Ed.) would come over to us when the fight was over. We some who did not understand that the was reason enough to be running out of the bus, Southside could just show their ugly mug if they wanted. In the bus on the way home we talked together and agreed that we would bring together a GF-firm that could turn it off when there was a need for it. In the subsequent home game the week after, met the same people + friends at a bar in Aarhus, who later became a permanent meeting place before hjemmekampene. The group has since held together, except some pieces that fell from in the beginning, since they got "cold feet", but tilgengæld there was a lot of new for over the years and there will always new people. "

That is Ultra White Pride own interpretation of the history of the group's formation. The article is written by Other Eeg Jensen and placed on the White Pride website.
Busturen in 1994 was startskudet to a hooligangruppe that, in addition to violence at football matches, has made it his trademark to register, harass and raid left-wing and ethnic minorities in and around Aarhus.

Ultra White Pride, in everyday language only White Pride or WP, was initially not a declared political group, but was soon strong right wing in his term and is now a declared racist group. Group linked quickly close ties to a number of xenophobic and Nazi organizations in Germany and abroad. In particular, the Danish Association, but also a number of other organisations of the extreme right was to affect the group's growing political profile over the next two decades.

The group's members come the next 14 years to play a leading role on the extreme right in Jutland. Both the network Danish Front, and later the association Vederfølner has its roots in the people around the violent Aarhus group, as lokallisten Aarhus Towards Moskeen and the local branch of the Danish People's Party attracts hooligansne.

The violence is political
"From the beginning, it was solely for the social. We saw football and drank bajere. But in the WP, there are many who want to fight, so there was a telephone call or sms'et to the other fanklubber and agreed venues for slåskampe ". How to remember the guiding WP-member Lars Rasmussen his first year in the group when Ekstra Bladet talking with him 17. december 2007.

On a Web site of White Pride has established reported regularly on the group's atrocities. You can, among other things, read about the 26. March 1995: "In the train from Peterborough v Aarhus throw WP tear gas in an togkupé filled with SIF'ere", 30. april 1995: "14-15 GF'ere, including many WP'ere smadrer furniture in storebæltsfærgen and throwing things overboard on the way to Jatoi. The police hold the train back on the ferry for 20 minutes before it is allowed to continue to Copenhagen. No one is arrested "and again 11. June 1997: "A WP'er snupper including a ølfustage from ølvognen in the stadium, which he casts after kontrolørerne".

In these years seen among other Rasmus Bonde and Mikkel Jacobsen, Steven Ryall, Jesper White Petersen, Lars and Frank Rasmussen, Jacob Engelbrekt Andersen, Michael Verner Larsen, Michael Buch, Other Eeg Jensen, Michael Moller Grubert and Lars and Gert Rask Eriksson as a Part of the group in the stadium.

The oldest generation of White Pride in the Park by a FCK-AGF-battle in 2002. Bottom right Jacob Engelbrekt Andersen, over him Michael Buch. Jesper Hviid Petersen with glasses on the left side and under him Lars Rasmussen and less Mikael Moller Grubert. To the right of Lars Rasmussen, partly covered, says Michael Verner Larsen. Bagerst, in black cap with Celtic crosses, seen Lars Rask Eriksson, and to the right of him Other Eeg Jensen.
Even before the formation of White Pride works benchmark persons from the group as security companies of the Danish Association of Aarhus. Here, among other Michael Verner Larsen and Jacob Engelbrekt Andersen, who was with the group right from the start and later was to take the initiative to Danish Front. Hooligansne has been summoned to help prevent anti-racist demonstrators in protest against the association's meetings. The use of violent football fans to protect the meetings of the extreme right is far from unique, but is also seen in other countries, including in England over the years.

Communications with the Danish Association is the political detonators for the fodboldglade racists, and contacts in the mid-90s will be the start of a cooperation which has continued right up to today. The Association's grundlovsmøde in Aarhus in 2006 participated, for example, Lars Rasmussen, Mads Andergren Andersen, Johny Conrad Petersen, Asbjørn Borg, Gert Rask Eriksson and Jan Wolthers from the White Pride. In 2008, the Association grundlovsmøde held in cooperation with Vederfølner - here was a larger crowd from the White Pride himself.

The Danish Association has one of its largest offices in Aarhus, where the Association's former chairman, juraprofessor Ole Hasselbach, working at times. The association was founded in 1987 and see themselves as a "resistance movement", and compares like themselves with modstandsfolkene under 2. World War II. In its member writes the association, among other things: "It is time to use some of modstandsbevægelsens experience. The association has plenty of goals over the experience of modstandsbevægelsens time in terms of how such a task can be solved effectively, without that those who disseminate information to be identified. There is also in some areas already taken security measures that are not consistent with the perception of what would be necessary in a free society. "(Dane No. 2, 1987, p. 7).

In its propaganda is a straight line from the fight against the Nazi occupiers to the current struggle against "the Muslim invasionshær" we believe, has occupied Denmark. The association has a militant rhetoric against the "alien", cultivates a self as a kamporganisation in opposition to "the system" and are organized in secret cells, which - combined with the need for physical protection - quickly gives White Pride a close relationship with the Danish Association .

Registration and rudeknusninger
In the same period, reporting among other Michael Verner Larsen, Gert Rask Eriksson, Michael Buch and Mikael Moller Grubert also in the group Danish Forum. The group is a successor to the Danish Forenings ungdomsgruppe Danish Youth, which were shut down after revelations of their contacts with the Nazis and racist skinheads.

The new group violates the public ties to the Danish Association for the benefit of a more aggressive political line and more young members. One of the group's main activities are to register the "autonomous" and other leftists, and to try to infiltrate left-wing organisations. This activity takes the Aarhus people to themselves and to this day they rarely miss a chance to monitor, infiltrate, photograph and record the left-wing events in the city.

However, it is not always that the members of the Danish Forum myself to take pictures of the Left. The group's contact in Aarhus, Arne Christiansen Busk, will thus be excluded in november 1999 after having broken windows at the local branch of Enhedslisten and participated in several violent attacks on foreigners. Danish Forum closes in 2003, their website, but is already around the turn of the millennium, the group is marked by inactivity.

Flirten with Pia K.
Kredsen around the White Pride is at this time also moved on to the next project: Danish People's Youth (DFU). Here they learn even more contemporary right-wing extremists to know, and links the personal and political contacts as they drag on, since the few years later the founder of their own group, Danish Front.

A larger group of young right-wing extremists has been a member of the DFU already in december 1996 when the Danish Forums Aarhus department under a julefrokost reports to collectively into ungdomsorganisationen. Indmeldelsen on the direct invitation of the then President of DFU, Carl Christian Ebbesen, which wants to ensure the organisation important subsidies, which is calculated from the membership.

"Dansktoppen - DFUs member, 2001, shortly after several right-wing extremists have been elected to the Board.

Personkredsen around the White Pride will have more directorships in Danish People's Youth. Among them is Brian Thygesen (DFU Board in Aarhus County and alternate member of the National Council, 1999), which later becomes the owner of the domain and Other Eeg Jensen (DFU North Jutland, 2003), which was co-founded White Pride.

Other right-extremists who are trying to get a political career in Pia Kjærsgaards party and youth organization include Sofia Popp Sorensen (DFU Aarhus Amts Board and DFUs main, 2002), Rasmus Bonde (DFU Aarhus Amts Board, 2002), Nikolaj Bay Lund ( DFU Aarhus Amts Board, 2002), Mads Andersen Andergren (DFU Treasurer in Aarhus County in 2001), Mikael Moller Grubert (DFU Aarhus Amts Board, 2001), Henrik Soerensen Nøhr (DFU Aarhus Amts Board, 2001 and DFU North Amts Board, 2003 ), Lars Rask Eriksson (DFU Aarhus Amts Board, 2002), John Seiersen (Vice-Chairman of the DFU of Aarhus, 1999) and Rasmus Medoc (Chairman of the DFU of Aarhus, 2001).
They are all negative and publicly branded as extremists with Nazi tendencies and described as potential kupmagere. Udrensningen in Danish People's Youth Section in Aarhus County will take place in phases. Eight members of DFU expelled in 1999, including amtssekretæren, the President, Vice-President and Treasurer of the Division. In 2002/03 applies the 10 members of DFU.

Links with Nazis
Beskyldningen on the Nazi tendencies are in many ways apt. The Aarhus right-wing extremists involved so often in Nazi concerts in this period, both in Denmark and Sweden.

At a concert on 23. september 2000 in the Nazi Blood and Honour networks headquarters in Ljungbyhed in Skåne, participating example Mikael Moller Grubert, Other Eeg Jensen, Brian Thygesen, Jesper White and Gert Petersen Rask Eriksson. Communications with the Nazis in Blood & Honour has been preserved until today, since the Aarhus right-wing extremists will be excluded from the DFU founder of the network Danish Front in 2002, when Blood & Honours English department quickly become an integral part and will have leading positions on Zealand and Funen.

Mikael Moller Grubert and Brian Thygesen will be together a group of other White Pride members registered by Swedish police before a Blood & Honour-concert in Ljungbyhed in Skåne, september 2000.
White Pride website is also in the longer decorated with a banner reading "We Support Combat 18". 18 is a code of the 1. and 8. letter of the alphabet, A and H, an acronym for Adolf Hitler. Combat 18 is the name of an armed English Nazi group, which like the White Pride began as security companies for the extreme right. The group later went solo and was in the 1990s behind the dispatches of several letter, the registration of the Left and organized violent attacks on political opponents. Aarhus people visiting this group in England and invites them, according to articles on their own homepage also to the Jutland capital.

White Pride website anno 2002.
Around the turn of the millennium is young right-wing extremists around the White Pride without political organisation. They have been excluded from the Danish People's Party, Danish Forum is closed and they start in 2002 their own group - Danish Front.

Danish Front - 2002 to 2007

"At the same time, battle an excellent way to harden young people. Too many Danish men are similar and behave quite frankly, as a flock bøssekarle. Because of their upbringing among kællinger and venstresnoede male teachers have lost all desire to fight. Fodboldarenaerne are excellent places to recruit people to fight against the multi-ethnic society. I have had great success with. "Hooligans" are people who dare to fight for what they love. This is precisely what we lack in the national side. "
Former White Pride leader and instigator of the Danish Front, Jacob Engelbrekt Andersen, the Danish Fronts forum, september 2002

Danish Front will be formed by people in and around White Pride in 2002. In a statement on its website one can read that "The people behind is a flock of fædrelandskærlige people who all have a biological world in common. In other words, we are racists!".

Danish Front is organized as a network of independent Offices, and is inspired by the organisation's concept of "kammeratskabs groups." It is a structure which Nazi groups in Germany have developed to circumvent the authorities criminalisation of the højreekstreme movement in Germany. At the same time, recalls the structure too much about it as the Aarhus people know in hooliganmiljøet.

The boards of Danish Front consists of a "administrationsgruppe". It includes in January 2007 ålborgenseren Nøhr Henrik Soerensen, århusianerne Jacob Engelbrekt Andersen, Lars Rask Eriksson, Frederick Galmar, Line Palme Olsen, Mads Andergren Andersen and Thomas Skovgaard Engelbrekt Andersen and Copenhagen-Emil Jeppesen.

It is the former deputy to DFU's National Executive, Brian Thygesen, a transition is as registrar of domain to the website This site and its discussion forum will be for the network absolute opdrejningspunkt and is in addition to football environment, the place where the network acquire its activists.

International contacts and local branches
One of the first events as the Danish Front is behind is a concert in cooperation with friends in the Danish branch of the international Nazi network Blood & Honour. The concert will take place in Vallensbæk in May 2004 and reflects the close cooperation between the Danish Front group and organized Nazis. On are also in the same period uploaded images of a Danish flag with the text "UWP, AGF, C18." Henover flag remained a rifle.

The police Intelligence writes already a year after the network is formed, in their annual report for 2003: "As for the various groups including the Blood & Honour and the Danish Front, it is found that there is cooperation between the groups in a number of areas, and they meet in each other concerts and events. At the same time, members of the groups participated in the annual Rudolf Hess-March in Wunsiedel in Germany on 16. august. Furthermore, several of the groups had visited, and like-minded groups abroad, among other Combat 18 in England. "

White Pride-member Michael Buch together with Dorthe Muff Svendsen,
little sister to the Blood & Honour leader Muff Flemming Christiansen, by a
Nazi demonstration in Neumünster in Germany, april 2003.

Mikael Moller Grubert (centre), Jacob Engelbrekt Andersen (television) and Blood & Honour leader Kasper Kröner (white cap) at a Nazi demonstration in Neumünster in Germany, april 2003.
The contacts abroad is not only to Germany and England. Already since the start of the millennium involved people from the White Pride and Danish Front in Salem-marcherne in Stockholm. Marcherne held every year in december in memory of a young Nazi who in 2000 was knivdræbt. Marcherne is the largest of its kind in the Nordic region and is called by a network of Swedish Nazi groups. It is a conference for right-wing extremists and both the Danish Nazi party DNSB and Blood & Honour is to find by marcherne.

In 2006, Danish Front sent a bus to the annual, Salem-Nazi march in Stockholm. Among the participants were Grønbæk Lars Larsen (in outstanding jacket at the far right) and Christian Sølvkær Andersen (white cap).
Gert Rask Eriksson from the Aarhus group is also seen with a group of Danish Front-people from Copenhagen to a concert in the Swedish naziparti Nationalsocialistisk Front's Swedish headquarters in Vara, 2. October 2004.

In the summer of 2003 pins White Pride leader Michael Verner Larsen københavnsk a division of Danish Front, who in a period living in the capital. In this section included most of the remaining Blood & Honour activists, and the group of Nazis resigns post their own group of replacement to take over the Copenhagen department since Michael Verner Larsen few years later moving back to Aarhus.

At the same time, with the start of the Copenhagen department begins Aarhus group, a violent campaign against a group of local antiracister. In december 2003 attacked a young man in the middle of the Peace Square in the centre of Aarhus 15-20 right-wing extremists to blow, kick and bottles. This occurs after the same persons earlier this month has attacked a bunker in Aarhus, which was occupied by young people from the Left. Two of the young bz'ere attacked outside, while the group fired nødraketter down in bunkeren.

The following year, growing Danish Front to a nationwide network of Offices in Aalborg, Aarhus, Denmark, Trekantsområdet, Tripura, Maharashtra, Copenhagen, Denmark and the West. The network reaches its climax in the winter of 2005-06 under the Muhammad crisis, and has at the time thousands of users on its Internet forum, of which only a small proportion are active writers.

The fight Lyngby-AGF in april 2007 was White Pride in the stadium company of a group of other Nazis, among other things, Blood & Honour Denmark leader Muff Flemming Christiansen (top left in a brown cap and black jacket).
The individual Offices outside Aarhus and Copenhagen when rarely was more than five to 10 active and a similar number of sympathisers. Often, people were more interested in football and celebrate together than to create genuine political work. They had, therefore, often more social than clear political profile: some departments were to Bowling together, other grilled, held concerts or went out and then football. Occasionally, there was løbeseddels-handouts place and the setup of the stickers and a few bannerophængninger over a motorway.

In the context of the Muhammad crisis, the Danish Front two demonstrations. The first took place in Doncaster, 4. February 2006 under the banner of "Stand Fast Denmark" with the participation of 100 people. The second was held in Soweto on 10. June the same year with 150 participants gathered under the banner of "Laban and Akkari out of the U.S.".

The first generation on the defensive
Administrationsgruppen to be the real leadership of the Danish Front, comes during the five years the network is never up in public. This is consistent with the fact that several of the group in 2003 were hanged at the front of the Ekstra Bladet for their connection to the White Pride.

Engelbrekt Jakob Andersen, Michael Moller Grubert, Andergren Mads Andersen, Steven Robert Ryall Kingo, Jesper Hviid Petersen and tvillingebrødrene Mikkel and Rasmus Bonde is 22. June 2003 mentioned by name and image in the Ekstra Bladet under the heading "Here is AGF's Nazi hooligans." Aarhus Stiftstidende brings subsequent Engelbrekt Jakob Andersen's home and a picture of his home in the newspaper.

Afsløringerne and a subsequent efforts by the authorities means that the hard core have to keep a low profile.

In May 2004, declares Aarhus' Left-Mayor Louise Gade also White Pride and Danish Front unwanted in the city. After a long period of time to have tried to tie the group's violence and racism, death, the mayor's initiative for an effort against the extreme right and strengthen cooperation between the city's football clubs, police, Aarhus municipality and the city's restaurants. The aim of the campaign is to make it easier to identify and share information on precisely this group of people. The background is a large number of incidents in the city's nightlife, where people in and around Danish Front and White Pride have harassed and attacked several people at bars and discos.

At a public meeting tells Louise Gade of its position on the Danish Front-people: "There are probably talking about 30-40 pieces, but it must be understood that we in Aarhus will not find us in them, and therefore we take every the opportunity to freeze them out. " Louise Gade says, according to Aarhus Stiftstidende also on the initiative: "The aim is that these neo-Nazi extremists must be known, so they can be locked out."

Even the police to address to the group. In a report from March 2005 Rigspolitichefen writes that members of the White Pride the previous two years has been accused of violence 21 times, of which only three have been in football. In addition, the police charged them for 41 cases of vandalism, gadeuorden and violation of the Arms. At this point in assessing the police that the group has 25 core members and another 20 medløbere. Rigspolitichefen wrote in his report that the group is "part of the neo-Nazi and nationalpatriotiske movement in Denmark", but reports in addition to assess the group to "hibernate" in early 2005.

During these years, acting White Pride rarely as a group in the stadium, and past glory as hooligangruppe never restored with the old generation at the helm. The time is instead spent on building Danish Front through the Internet and in secret meetings and closed events.

White Pride anno 2004 - before generation. Highly left Lars Rasmussen, in the middle Asbjørn Borg (chequered cap and black jacket) and one of Bonde-twins at the far right.

White Pride v å gner
In the course of 2005 happens, however, something that must have White Pride to wake from its lethargy. A flock of young men that were previously not seen in political contexts come through the Internet and the stadium in contact with Danish Front in Aarhus, where they are introduced to the racist ideology. This new, young group often seen together at both AGF Aarhus and Fremads matches, and will form the new generation of White Pride.

A 1. May-demonstration in Aarhus in 2005 passed the inn Butleren in Aarhus, where a group of White Pride-people resided. In the group seen among other Morten Kjeldsen (second from right) and Forsvardems coach Simon Degn Lajer (extreme right). In the chequered shirt seen the voldsdømte DNSB-member Niels Kristensen and behind him the now former White Pride member Michael Verner Larsen.
The tightening of immigration in the wake of the Jyllands-item, cartoons, and a boom in the number of so-called "unofficial" football fans after the movie "Football Factory" in 2004, create a breeding ground for a greater approach to the højreekstreme environment in Aarhus. During this period, give priority to the first generation in the White Pride mentioned policy in the form of Danish Front, and later Aarhus Towards Moskeen, which means that young people can have an influence on the White Pride.

The young hooligan Simon Hvass Jacobsen will quickly a role as the young generation leader, both politically and in connection with football. Before he is getting used to in Danish Front and White Pride he, however, several other places. In 2004 he joins into the Nordic Nationalsocialistisk Youth, a netprojekt driven by a young Nazi from Oron. At this time, Simon Hvass Jacobsen FCK-fan, and related the uofficelle fanmiljø around the Copenhagen club. When he is seen contribute to an attack on two FCK hooligans in the company of 10-15 White Pride members, he will be placed on ice in hooliganmiljøet in Copenhagen.

There is only a brief time before he is to find at Aarhus Stadium to AGFs home and seen also, together with Peterborough-fangruppen Highland Boys. In the same period, the young Nazi also a member of a debatpanel in DR
in the programme Ungefair.

The 23. July 2005 makes the new generation in the White Pride for the first once remarked with a spontaneous and very brutal assault on a 24-year-old Geez exchange. The young students are in the wrong place at the wrong time when he met the group of aggressive racists. Attack by the words: "Danish girls are only for Danish men "which the group of six to eight man leaves blow and kick count down over the neutral man while he is down. Øjenvidner tell that one from the group shouting "Yes, ran negro. To do I always" when he finally have the opportunity to get on their feet and slip away. Carsten Ingemann Meier Andersen, Morten Kjeldsen and Asbjorn Borg each sentenced to four months unconditional imprisonment for the attack, which the judge karaktiseres as racially motivated. All three are linked to White Pride and Danish Front and the latter two are now linked Danish Front's successor, Association Vederfølner.

Another of the Group of overfaldsmænd, Casper Lindberg Staal, acquitted of violence, but imposed fines for heile to a policeman in the context of a football match. The young man stood, and Morten Kjeldsen, also on stillerlisten for lokallisten Aarhus Towards Moskeen by municipal elections in november the same year. Stillerlisten is a list of
sign, known authors, which, like a folketingsvalg, sign to a lokalliste must stand for a municipal.

Aarhus Towards Moskeen

Lokallisten Aarhus Towards Moskeen is in the autumn of 2005 the main project for the extreme right in the Jutland capital. Spidskandidaten is the former Left-man Soren Quist Rasmussen, while the other candidates are udbrydere from the Danish People's Party. In the background are more people from the Danish Association, Danish Front and White Pride, and the project is a example of how closely related the different groups in Aarhus really is. Summaries from lokallistens bestyrelsemøder, alluding to the real leaders of Aarhus Towards Moskeen, is a group of "advisers". This group consists, among other things, Lars Rask Eriksson, from the Danish Front, and the longstanding member of the Danish Association, Jesper Nielsen. The two total together with lokallistens President, Tomas Kierstein, which today is Vice-chairman of the Danish Association, the højreekstreme movement in Jutland in a project which competed directly with the Danish People's Party to municipal elections in 2005. Among supports and activists was a good part of White Pride.

Aarhus against Moskeens PrepCom days before lokallistens opstillingsmøde in autumn 2005. From left: Niels-Christian Braad, Jesper Nielsen, Mikael Moller Grubert, Rasmus Medoc, Tomas Kierstein, Lars Rask Eriksson.
Stillerlisten reveals that there is strong support for the project among the city's right-wing extremists. That list includes example Lars Rask Eriksson, Simon Degn Lajer, Andergren Mads Andersen, Mikkel Zeiler, Thim
Mortensen Petersen, Stig Mølgaard Rask Pedersen, Rasmus Bonde Jacobsen, Mikkel Bonde Jacobsen, Christian Sølvkær Andersen, Morten Kjeldsen and Frederick Galmar. A Bjarke Koppel has also put his name on the list - he
must be protagonist in one of the most talked-about højreekstreme assaults in Aarhus only nine days after the municipal elections on 20. november.

White Pride as security companies at the Aarhus Towards Moskeens General Assembly, 19. June 2007. With the right arm stretched seen Thomas Vestergaard. However, it is not only in papieret that White Pride back the lokallisten. Since the Aarhus Towards Moskeen small two years later, 19. June 2007, the General Hovedbiblioteket in Aarhus is a larger group of White Pride as security companies. Here, among other Thomas Vestergaard,
Sølvkær Christian Andersen, Simon Hvass Jacobsen and Stefan Lindskov Timm. Also present were Rasmus Medoc. And this is not the first time that White Pride is responsible for the safety of Aarhus Towards Moskeens events.

White Pride as security companies at the Aarhus Towards Moskeens General Assembly, 19.
June 2007. In striped shirt Sølvkær Christian Andersen, to the right of him Thomas Vestergaard with the cap. The white and green shirt seen Simon Hvass Jacobsen flankeret of Rasmus Medoc in the blue cap.

The internal documents of Aarhus Towards Moskeen, Redox has come in possession, it appears that the then Danish Front leader and current treasurer of Vederfølner, Lars Rask Eriksson, in March 2005 was responsible for the safety of lokallistens General Assembly. In the minutes from planlægningsmødet months before it says: "A few select people ensure security outside the door. LR contacts. "

Cafe Oskar-attack
The 29. november is the attack on the Cafe Oscar in Mejlgade where Antiracistisk Network meeting. Here are several young men who not previously been known for their connection to the højreekstreme environment. Up to 15 people associated with Danish Front and White Pride surging cafeen after the anti-racist meeting is over, smadrer furniture and strikes and kicking two venstrefløjsaktivister, including one from byrådskandidat Enhedslisten. The police will quickly summoned by neighbours, but the group when to flee.

A few days after reports said Bjarke Koppel from the White Pride, however, is and even admits that he, as part of a coordinated action, infiltrated the meeting and used pepper spray against several delegates.

Østjyllands police involving the Police Intelligence in investigations and carry out more searches in the city
far-right environment. Here are several illegal weapons, such as tear gas and knives. In spite of the fact that at least one, Simon Hvass Jacobsen, to the police admit to having participated in the attack, brought no charges. Not Bjarke Koppel, who admits to having used pepper spray against the meeting aims to violence. Of the police investigations show that in addition to the above as part Asbjørn Borg, Mikkel Zeiler Pedersen and Claus Villumsen Østergaard in the attack.

Already one week after the first attack, the same people on the loose cafeen again. Here are thrown stones, bicycles and bottles against the windows. No person will be injured. This will be the start of a period with regular rudeknusninger in both the Cafe Oskar, and later Enhedslistens premises.

On the street with Danish Front
In addition to raw street violence and vandalism against the left, then engage the new generation is also in the Danish Front's other work. They are in and demonstrated over recent role as guards at the extreme rights events in Aarhus.

In 2006, seen the young hooligans in several Danish Front-contexts. On 18.
February demonstrates Simon Hvass Jacobsen and Paw Hald with several Danish Front members in the Great Square in Aarhus. Just outside demonstration using Lars Rask Eriksson and Thomas Smed Bjørnli opportunity to take pictures and video anti-racist moddemonstranter. The demonstration called by the right extreme Internet debater Karsten Holt, under the banner "We demand an apology for indvandrerkriminalitet ", and brings together about 30 people.

The 10. June, Thomas Vestergaard, together with Simon Hvass Jacobsen, Stefan Lindskov Timm, Simon Degn Lajer, Morten Bundgård, Paw Hald, Asbjorn Borg and Sølvkær Christian Andersen in the Danish Front demonstration in
Soweto. Here are the side-by-side with several of the older generation, among other Lars and Gert Rask Eriksson, and Johny Conrad Petersen, Mads Andergren Andersen and Thim Mortensen Petersen.

The Danish Front demonstration in Soweto in June 2006 attended by the majority of the new White Pride-generation. Here, among other Stefan Lindskov Timm, Christian Sølvkær Andersen and Simon Jacobsen.
In connection with the Danish Front demonstration, an anti - v-racist demonstration, which among other things, running buses from Aarhus. Before the bus departure seen a grey mazda in the area. The owner of the car from which videofilmes, White Pride-hooliganen Thomas Vestergaard, and with in the car, the current treasurer of Vederfølner, Lars Rask Eriksson.

White Pride in Odense to the B1913-Limerick-battle in June 2006. White Pride group counts from the left: Paw Hald, Morten Bundgård, Simon Hvass Jacobsen, Christian Sølvkær Andersen and Kasper Ehlers. The Danish Front's own busafgang from Aarhus also seen both Jacob Engelbrekt Andersen and Michael Verner Larsen.

The demonstration in Soweto is officially organised by the Group of the National-Liberal, chairman fremskridtsmanden Grønbæk Lars Larsen, which in 2008 will be chairman of the association Vederfølner. In reality, however, there is case of a Danish Front arrangement, and demonstrationens front banner is also an advertisement for the network's website.

In July 2006, organised by Danish Front greater grillaften in a sjællandsk forest. Here Lars Grønbæk (centre) in the company of (from left to right) Kim Bang Andersen (Danish Front Copenhagen), Dimitrij Busk (Danish Front Copenhagen and DNSB), Emil Jeppesen (Danish Fronts administrationsgruppe) and Stephan Günther (High German Nazi residents of Copenhagen).

"Fucking muhammedanere"
The 11. november the same year, the young hooligans again on field trips. This time, to an AGF-udebanekamp against HIK in Winnipeg on the North. On the way home from the fight, which AGF win 2-1, keeping the bus on a Statoil-service station, where three young men of Palestinian background, coincidentally located.

The good 30 hooligans who is in this day fills well on the small gas station. The same goes several of them unprovoked attack on the three young refugees with the blow, kick and missile.
Others from the group supports the most aggressive, howler and singing, according to eyewitnesses "fucking Muslims" and "fucking perkersvin". After the attack the group draws on their way to Aarhus, where they are received by the local police, which captures and records all, but not without raising some charges.

Of overvågningsbåndene at the service station is it that Simon Hvass Jacobsen throwing an unidentified object against the three young people. On the video you can also see Other Eeg Jensen, Mads Andergren Andersen, Allan Birkedahl Jensen, Kasper Ehlers, Christian Sølvkær Andersen, Thomas Smed Bjørnlie, Thomas Vestergaard and Stefan Lindskov Timm located on the idea in connection with the attack.

It is generally difficult for Aarhus Police to have condemned the aggressive right-wing extremists. There are also not raised some charges when unknown perpetrators in March 2007 set fire to a pallet with anti-racist campaign material, held at NRGi Arena, AGFs home. The aim of the arson is to destroy the pins, T-shirts and posters with the text "I am AGF-fan and against racism", made in connection with a campaign against racism taken by AGFs official fan club.

The suspicion fixed quickly against the White Pride, but the guilty are never found. Brandattentatet however, publicly supported by the Danish Front, and the network then spokesperson, Kenneth Andersen, telling the newspaper Metro: "When someone makes a campaign against racism has also allowed to make one. I can not see that there is something wrong in to do it the way here, as long as it's not a danger to anyone. It is a harmless demonstration, whose message I can only support ".

Kenneth Andersen has been spokesman for the network after the former spokesman Julius Børgesen has been in custody for the call to brandattentat on Interior Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen. Julius Børgesen later sentenced to six months imprisonment for the threats and illegal weapons.

The 12. May 2007, Stefan Lindskov Timm, Christian Sølvkær Andersen and Thomas Vestergaard a tour in Northampton, where some Communist parties have held a public forum. Her keen Aarhus-racists a quantity of Danish Front-stickers around the meeting room and filmed the present.

In a discussion between a number of Communist parties in Northampton in May 2007 appeared a small delegation from the White Pride. From left are Sølvkær Christian Andersen, Thomas Vestergaard and Stefan Lindskov Timm.
While in Aarhus successful integration of a new, young generation in both the White Pride and the Danish Front, so it is different sløjt to the rest of the country.

In 2006/07 the fall højreekstreme network slowly from each other, and the one department after another will be affected by inactivity and dropout. In an attempt to make the network attractive to the general public, one removes hagekors and other obvious references to Nazism from the website discussion forum and trying to get lokalafdelingerne to keep a nice facade.

This results in the Fyn afdelingsledere leaving the network in protest, while the Copenhagen and nordsjællandske department, which consists of activists of Blood & Honour, increasingly goes its own way. This leads ultimately to københavnerne restore Blood & Honour in Denmark, and starts to organise Nazi concerts, as the Danish Front finally closed down in July 2007. Others from the department pins after killing the group Denmark's National Front.

In addition to the internal differences, the network also in the public eye. It happens when Ekstra Bladet in July 2006, in cooperation with Researchkollektivet Redox, put names and faces of all afdelingsledere and document their connection to a series of violent incidents and leading Nazis. In connection with articles in the Ekstra Bladet leaving the network's secretary of Uttaranchal, Dan Jochumsen, the network since it appears that he also is chairman of the Danish People's Party in Maitland. He is now involved in Vederfølners activities.

In periods is the Network's website also down due to hacker attacks, and several places in the country department is exposed to attacks by militant anti-fascists. In May 2006 will be the network's spokesman, Julius Børgesen, as previously mentioned in custody for the call to brandattentat against the Interior, Lars Løkke Rasmussen. After more than five months in police custody he will be released and soon after expelled from the Danish Front. He takes the initiative subsequent to the group Freedom Danish Nationalists.

Split when, however, also into the Jutland management. The pressure on the Danish Front means that Henrik Nøhr Smith and Frederick Galmar, both of which are in the administrationsgruppen, in the autumn of 2006 initiative of the Association Danish Front Youth. Frederick Galmar is chairman of the association, as he writes the statutes and provide for an approval of the association in Aarhus municipality. The two promoters representing the soft wing of the Danish Front Network, and is opposed to the other in administrationsgruppen not very closely linked to the White Pride. The new association is an attempt to get out of the predicament as a series of unfortunate mediesager of violence, threats and Nazism has set the network in.

While everything was still joy and gammen. At a public meeting on the mosque-building in Aarhus were (from left) Jacob Engelbrekt Andersen, Frederik Galmar and Thim Mortensen Petersen on tour with the camera.
"Our goal was to isolate the violent and Nazi elements, but it was not possible within the Danish Front-environment. The idea of leaving the Danish Front has been smouldering since before Christmas, "says Frederick Galmar to Aarhus Stiftstidende on the initiative, since the breach becomes a reality in July 2007.

There is, namely, Lars Rask Eriksson and Jacob Engelsbrekt Andersen, along with the rest of the hard core of the Danish Front set in the association before it is published. Here they bring their own loyal people in and change the name to Vederfølner already in Danish Front officially will be closed in July 2007.

Therefore, leaving Henrik Nørh Smith and Frederick Galmar Danish Front founder and instead a new association called the Young Democrats. The new association has the same statutes and formålsparagraffer, as Frederick Galmar originally wrote to the Danish Front Youth, and who is now transferred to Vederfølner. Despite the relationship, there is currently no cooperation between the former allies.

"There is cold air between us and Danish Front-environment. Here, it is felt that we are unfair to the rest of the Right, because we will not cooperate with the more extreme groups and do not want them inside the Young Democrats. They certainly look not at us with friendly eyes, and I have no expectation that the inner chambers of Danish Front in Aarhus will endorse us, "says Frederick Galmar to Aarhus Stiftstidende in July 2007. And continues:" I know that the Old Guard in the Danish Front working on a new project, according to Danish Front is closed. "

Vederfølner - Danish Front's successor

The first time a wider audience will be inaugurated in plans to launch a publicly approved association called Vederfølner is the Jacob Engelbrekt Andersen, who leads the floor. The tanned, White Pride-hooligan and Danish Front leader tells the good 30 in attendance, at a meeting on 12. May 2007 in Aarhus suburbs Victorias that the solution to the Danish Front's problems is an association with a nice appearance. At the same meeting presented a second Danish Front leader and White Pride-related right-wing extremist, Lars Rask Eriksson, as the real leader of the association.
Nazister of the Board
In its first board, which will be added while the Danish Front exists, is trusted people from the Danish Front. These include the then contact the Danish Fronts Fredericia department, Morten Borup. He declared a Nazi, a former member of the Nazi party DNSB and has lived in the party house in Nørresundby. He is also an established feature of the Danish nazisters events. This is last year's Hess-march in Kolding, and Blood & Honour Denmark concert in Ammitsbøl, near Kolding, in april 2008.

Morten Borup sat in Vederfølners first board of directors. Here he is in shirt by DNSBs Hess-march in Kolding, august 2007.

The board also occurs Michel Hother Sorensen, who at the time the Danish Front's secretary of Asia. At the Network forum, he called the "Danish Arier", a clear reference to the Nazi term for overmennesker - the ariske race.

Lars Rask Eriksson from the Danish Fronts Administrators occur even in the Association's board of directors. And it is there for a reason: he is the absolute hovedkraft in Vederfølner, although on paper he has the humble title of treasurer. Diesel, as he calls on the network, has great authority because of its arbejdsomhed and large interface with several generations of right-wing extremists.

There are, however, go even seven months after its meeting in May, before the Danish Front, the people are ready to present their new association to the public. We wish: to have a pletfrit external and a skudsikkert concept that can not be accused of being extremist. In this download Monday an old friend and loyal support in: Lars Grønbæk Larsen, as its chairperson and spokesperson.

In October 2006, Carsten Braaby sentenced to four months in prison for a racist attack on a somalier. The hearing took place in Soweto, and with that support had Carsten Braaby among other Vederfølners current President, Lars Grønbæk Larsen.

The young fremskridtsmand, who lives in Madurai on Fyn, knows all the double standards that are necessary for right-wing extremists to succeed in public. And he has previously helped the Danish Front to be a face. The 10. June 2006 he stood for example, which convened on the network demonstration in Soweto with his mini-group, the National-Liberal. After the demonstration, he invited all the participants home in privaten for food and celebration.

Lars Grønbæk Larsen and Lars Rask Eriksson by Danish Front demonstration in Soweto, in June 2006.

Lars Grønbæk Larsen also know the Aarhus group all the way back to 2001 where he will be seen together with others Lars Rask Eriksson and Henrik Soerensen Nøhr, and a larger group from højreekstreme circles, in the process of taking photographs of a peace demonstration at Town Hall in Aarhus, 19 . January.
The social in h ø js æ the
First, 14. december 2007, almost half a year after the Danish Front is closed yesterday Vederfølner online. At the Association's website you can read that earlier this month held a Vintersolhvervsfest. It will be the first of a series of news on the page, which all bear witness to a pressebevidst association which defends its reputation and good name, and would like to signal that they have a serious project with the track of the form, with the growing social community.

The site can also read that the association is working to become nationwide, and that on several occasions has been outside Aarhus, among other things, on Funen and in Kalundborg, to try to start new branches.

One of Vederfølners external activities are badge-setup.

In addition, the association took a little of the veil for some of their other activities in 2008: a general meeting of the 8.-9. March 60 "enthusiastic delegates," a large-scale vikingearrangement 3. May took place in connection with Denmark's liberation, a grundlovsmøde 5. June which was served homemade lagkager and a sommersolhvervsfest 21. June in the heart of Aarhus with three-course dinner, entertainment and patriotic history.

Wrap up before Vederfølners general meeting on Europaplads in Aarhus. Rene Lindberg (AGF-scarf around the neck) from Nysir in the company of, among other things, Thomas Vestergaard (far left), Simon Hvass Jacobsen (extreme right) and Daniel Carlsen (second from right), all White Pride.

Welcomes the police action welcome
Vederfølners Board also uses the site to comment on police action against the city's far-right environment in the context of the comprehensive hærværks campaign against Enhedslistens premises in Sejerøgade in early 2008. This association is trying to position itself as a serious concert, which is in favour of democracy and constitution. We can thus see that the Board welcomes the police action against the højreekstreme move "welcome" and that "political violence is unacceptable and in no way compatible with Vederfølner".

The background for the Board's opinion is that a member of the association, Thomas Vestergaard, as mentioned earlier was a trusted member of the Danish Front, and also is active in the White Pride, has admitted to stand behind a large part of vandalism against Enhedslisten. Vederfølner expels Thomas Vestergaard, days after he is arrested on 2. april 2008, and writes that, because of the embarrassing case has "taken several steps to prevent a recurrence."

However, it is worth noting that the exclusion only come after Researchkollektivet Redox wrote to the racist hooligan was a member of the association. Until the story of, and later in Aarhus Stiftstidende, let the matter pass the board in silence.

The incident reflects very well the Association's dilemma.

Invitations by post
On the one hand, it seeks to emerge as a serious alternative to the Danish People's Party and its youth organisation. On the other hand, as has hamskiftet from the Danish Front for Vederfølner meant that core group still posed by militant racist hooligans.

The close relation to, among other things expressed by the Association's events, as if at all possible, try to keep away from public scrutiny. In an attempt to prevent the uvedkomne offers insights into the association's activities sent invitations and newsletters on the Association's events alone at. letter in the mail, and the activities opreklameres never publicly.

And it is perhaps with good reason. Vederfølners meetings is a hub for the group of right-wing extremists, who in recent years has been behind numerous attacks, systematic vandalism and the dissemination of racist and Nazi propaganda in the Aarhus area. The same people who met in the Danish Front, which represents the new generation of White Pride.

The Association's general meeting on 8.-9. March 2008 attended, for example hærværksmanden Thomas Vestergaard, and hooligan leader Simon Hvass Jakobsen, together with Nick Schwabach, Stefan Lindskov Timm and Morten Kjeldsen. All members of hooligangruppen White Pride. In addition participated Daniel Carlsen from nazipartiet DNSB.

Wrap up before Vederfølners general meeting on Europaplads in Aarhus. Very high to the right is John Seiersen, number three from the right is White Pride-member Morten Kjeldsen.
After this meeting Vederfølner publish on its website a new board of directors consisting of Lars Rask Eriksson, Lars Grønbæk Larsen, Simon Degn Lajer, Michel Hother Smith and Dennis Jørgensen.

Slagsbrødrene from the White Pride had perhaps a particular interest in this meeting. It was at least here, that members agree that the Association's secondary purpose is to "educate members physical" and "offer sports and other physical activity." With the decision over Vederfølner indeed one of the Danish Front-Aarhus' main activities over many years: to train the city's right-wing extremists, particularly the White Pride, in martial arts.

In an effort to recapture power of the patriotic movement, the hard core of the Vederfølner made White Pride to their closest allies. This alliance includes the training of violent hooligans in kampsports techniques every Monday and Wednesday at Rosenvangskolen - the same days of the week as Vederfølner has informed the municipality that they hold meetings.

Formally, it is an association called Forsvardem, which rents the school premises. This association was founded by Mads Andersen Andergren in november 2005, when he sat in administrationsgruppen in Danish Front, together with Lars Rask Eriksson and Jacob Engelbrekt Andersen.

In the Board of Forsvardem are also three directors of Vederfølner, namely Michel Hother Sorensen, Simon Degn Lajer and Lars Rask Eriksson. Another prominent member of kampsports-the Association's board of directors is the man who in his time was registered as the owner of the website, Brian Thygesen. As the external auditor are deployed Lars' twin sister, Majbrit Rask Eriksson.

Training in Forsvardem, 2. June 2008. Forrest seen Lars Rask Eriksson, back Thomas Vestergaard and Simon Degn Lajer.

For Forsvardems training regularly attend some of the most active members of the White Pride anno 2008. This applies among other Nick Schwabach, Kasper Ehlers, Anders Gunge Dall, Paw Hald and Nikolaj Lauritzen.

Forsvardem training, 25. February 2008. Paw Hald coach blow to the trainer Simon Degn Lajer.

Thomas Vestergaard has repeatedly used the opportunity to learn to fight on Rosenvangsskolen. It is worth noting that Thomas Vestergaard also participated in training after he officially had been thrown out of Vederfølner. He is even arrived for training in the car together with Vederfølner leader Lars Rask Eriksson.

Forsvardem training, 25. February 2008. Lars Rask, and the trainer Simon Degn Lajer coach knee to the stomach.

It is as a rule, Lars Rask Eriksson, who organise kampsports-training together with Simon Degn Lajer. The latter serves as coach of the typical five to ten right-wing extremists in attendance, each week participating in Forsvardems training.

Three generations m ø des
Slænget of White Pride hooligans are often also looking at Vederfølners other events. This applies for example to the Association grundlovsmøde, 5. June. The meeting was held in cooperation with the Danish Association, which has made it a tradition to mark the day by Borum Eshøj, just outside Aarhus.

Vederfølners grundlovsmøde in June 2008 total approximately 35 participants. Here, among other things, Dan Jochumsen (far left in the chequered shirt and cap), Lars Rask Eriksson (white t-shirt with the pressure "1934") and Anders Gunge Dall (second from right, wearing a white shirt).

It brought together three generations of right-wing extremists to hear speeches by Thomas Kierstein, chairman of lokallisten Aarhus Towards Moskeen and Vice-chairman of the Danish Association, and Vederfølners President Lars Grønbæk Larsen and the ageing Vinther Poul Jensen, former vice-president of the Danish Association.

Vederfølners grundlovsmøde in June 2008 total approximately 35 participants. Here, among other things, Thim Mortensen Petersen (number three from the left, wearing chequered shirt), Simon Degn Lajer (with sunglasses on her forehead, under pavillionen) and Jacob Engelbrekt Andersen (to the right of Simon Degn Lajer).

Among the audience this day seen the young generation of White Pride hooligans, such as Martin Stegmann, Anders Gunge Dall, Nikolaj Lauritzen, Stefan Lindskov Timm and Kasper Ehlers, together with the tanned, activists from the højreekstreme environment; Jacob Engelbrekt Andersen, Gert Rask Eriksson and his brother, Lars Rask Eriksson. Veterans this day spoke among other Vederfølner-President's father, Leif Grønbæk Larsen, who, like his son is kredsformand in Fremskridtpartiet, and several of the Danish Association and representatives of the Norwegian Association Folkebevegelsen Mot Innvandring.

Vederfølners grundlovsmøde in June 2008 total approximately 35 participants. Highly left Grønbæk Lars Larsen. The picture is also seen Paw Hald, Stefan Lindskov Timm, Anders Gunge and Martin Stegmann from the White Pride.

For Vederfølners sommersolhvervsfest, 21. June, which took place in Folkeoplysningens House on Vester All in Aarhus centre, had White Pride-people responsible for the capture of the guests. In today's rise were the two White Pride members Anders Gunge Dall and Nick Schwabach iklædt official jackets for Vederfølner. This event was also attended one of the key persons in the officially non-political AGF-fangruppe Nysir, Rene Lindberg. Lindberg was also present few weeks before then Vederfølner costs grundlovsmøde.

21. June 2008 held Vederfølner sommersolhverv in Folkeoplysningens House in Aarhus. Before the meeting participants in front of Musikhuset Aarhus. Among the førstankomne was Nick Schwabach (far left), Paw Hald (second from left) and Martin Stegmann (with the right arm stretched to the Hitler-greeting).

21. June 2008 held Vederfølner sommersolhverv in Folkeoplysningens House in Aarhus. Before the meeting participants in front of Musikhuset Aarhus. Here they were received by Anders Gunge Dall and Nick Schwabach Vederfølner wearing jackets, standing here with Morten Kjeldsen. In the background to the left arrive White Pride-member Kasper Ehlers.

A former key member of the Danish Front, the former Vice-President of the Danish People's Youth in Aarhus, John Seiersen, had also found its way to the party. He also participated in the Association's General Assembly.

21. June 2008 held Vederfølner sommersolhverv in Folkeoplysningens House in Aarhus. Before the meeting participants in front of Musikhuset Aarhus. As the number three from the left are Dan Jochumsen, to the right of him Gert Rask Eriksson and then Morten Bundgård in a Thor Steinar-shirt.
Vandalism and violence

In parallel with the commitment to Vederfølner and Forsvardem's training, White Pride group in the period after the Danish Fronts abandonment involved in a wide range of violence and hærværksepisoder with political motives. From late summer 2007 to spring 2008, the group behind a wide range of malicious attack and assaults, including the media said hærværksbølge against Enhedslisten Aarhus' premises in Sejerøgade that many times have shattered windows at night.

14-year-old attacked
The 1. september 2007, a small group of hooligans past the Cafe Oscar in Aarhus. The banging on the windows and threatening cafeens guests, however, have driven the group away. Shortly after attacking a large group of White Pride-people cafeen. Øjenvidner indicates the number of Nazis to between 20 and 25.

Earlier in the day, the same group harassed only a 14-year-old Iranian boy on the train on the way home from a AGF-match with cries of "perkersvin" and "Denmark for Danes". According to eyewitnesses the group threw bottles, ashtrays and second against the boy. The boy got away from the racist hooligans through from other AGF fans.

Jyllands Posten writes in connection with the attack a leader: "The question was home to Aarhus after viewing AGF lose a football match in Vadodara, with the result 2-0 was the company of evil whim. It was clearly beyond a 14-year-old boy of Iraqi descent, as the train from Aarhus was designated as a prügelknabe. White Pride-the players showed great courage, as they verbally overfaldt the 14-year-olds, which were also targets for missile as bottles and waste. The result is that the boy is today scared following the horrific experience. Parents have shown civil courage by Troggles report to the police, and they are right that there limits to what a child should be exposed to. White Pride champion views, which fortunately is no longer in fashion, but they contribute to the Aarhus account for a disproportionate amount of racist attacks, are reported to the central authorities. The risk of being forulempet and exposed to racist violence is greatest in Å Århus. "

Attacks on venstrefl ø jen
Just a week later, the gal again. A small group of activists from bz-environment in Aarhus attacked by 10-15 young right-wing extremists on the little street Hallsti near the city's railway station. Overfaldsmændene shout "red pigs" during the attack.

The 12. september is a small group of White Pride at the pub Bridgewater, where the heiler and shout "Denmark for Danes", as they harass an alien and refuses to leave the premises when the bartender asks them to go.

On 6. October 15-20 attacking young højreekstreme an anti-racist demonstration in the middle of Aarhus and chasing the young antiracister down through the pedestrian precinct. Among the extreme right seen among other Thomas Vestergaard and Simon Hvass Jacobsen, while Vederfølners President Lars Grønbæk Larsen seen in the pub with overfaldsmændene after the attack.

On 6. October 2007 attack a group of White Pride members of a smaller, anti-racist manifestations in Aarhus. After the attack overfaldsmændene sat in a pub with, among other things, Lars Grønbæk Larsen, the current President of Vederfølner. Very high to the left is now negative Vederfølner-member Thomas Vestergaard.

The 9. november, on the anniversary of the Crystal-night, kredsede four young højreekstreme around in a car around an anti-Nazi party. Since the party had gathered up to 500 participants, it was not, however, the attack - probably because of the high number of people.

The weekend after, 17. november, the four young leftists attacked by a small group højreekstreme that comes out from the inn, the Old Høker. An eyewitness appoint subsequent Lars Rask Eriksson as one of the suspects.

On 24. november surfaces 10-15 White Pride hooligans six young leftists by Banegårdspladsen. The young people are heading to a festival in the city's ungdomshusmiljø.

Then start the attacks on Enhedslisten. In december, January and February crushed the windows in the party premises in Sejerøgade systematically. The 15. december will be launched. Her right-wing extremists throwing stones after participants in Enhedslistens annual julefrokost and heiler obvious. Hærværket and overfaldene on Enhedslisten in Aarhus also includes the following incidents:

The 19. december 2007: Rude crushed with three paving stones.
The 25. January 2008: Three windows shattered.
The 1. February 2008: Several windows shattered.
The 8. February 2008: Several windows shattered.
The 10. February 2008: Two members of Enhedslisten will be out for the party's premises passport by two persons. The one throwing a bicycle after the two party members while he shouts "we smadrer you and your windows."
On 13. February 2008: Two windows shattered.
On 3. april 2008: A window shattered.

The police starts
Since the vandalism against Enhedslistens premises began around the turn of the year 2007/08, reported the police in Aarhus quickly out that it is an attack on democracy itself.
"Whoever attacks a political party office, so we consider it as a very serious matter, and do things as an attack on democracy," says chefpolitiinspektør John Jacobsen from Østjyllands Police, 25 January 2008 to P4 Jutland.

As part of the police action will be in april held a public meeting between venstrefløjspartiet and senior police people from Østjyllands police at the town hall. It reiterates the police that the vandalism is an attack on democracy, and all parties in Aarhus City Council issue a joint press release in which the distance from rudeknusningerne.

However, it is only then Thomas Vestergaard, a 25-year member of the Association Vederfølner, arrested on 1. april and custody of 2. april that will be put a preliminary halt to rudeknusningerne. The 25-year-old right-wing extremist, as previously described in, senior member of hooligangruppen White Pride and previously active in the Danish Front. He admit four cases of vandalism against Enhedslisten, but released, however, the very next day.

He goes only to be freed in four months, as he later custody to play a key role in a brutal attack on a member of the Anti-Racist Network in Aarhus railway station.

464 AGF and Adolf Hitler
During this violence and hærværkskampagne against the city's left-wing environment, the White Pride no difficulties in participating in public events and cultivate their passion for football with the official fanmiljø around AGF. The 19. January 2008 organizes AGF Fanclub an indoor fodboldturnering for AGF fans. White Pride offer as a team under the name "464 AGF." 464 is talkoden for DFD - an acronym for the classic Nazi parole "Denmark for Danes".

In a indedørs fodboldstævne for AGF fans in January 2008 asked White Pride with a team. In the image seen the team's support group in the gallery. Seated at the far right is veteran Gert Rask Eriksson. Standing bottom left of the white blouse is the voldsdømte Asbjørn Borg.

On the team plays Thomas Vestergaard, Simon Hvass Jacobsen, Paw Hald, Nick Schwabach, Morten Kjeldsen, Morten Bundgaard and Claus Villumsen Østergaard. With the they have a larger group of supporters, including Mikkel Zeiler, Gert Rask Eriksson, Asbjørn Borg and Nicholas Lauritzen. More from tilskuergruppen heiler underway in the series. On one of the other football team plays Jan Wolthers Nielsen, a White Pride member who regularly tatoveres of the nordsjællandske Blood & Honour-leader Thomas Peter Runge.

In a indedørs fodboldstævne for AGF fans in January 2008 asked White Pride with a team. From left are the three indskiftere Thomas Vestergaard, Morten Bundgård and Nick Schwabach.
Also for AGFs home feel White Pride is so confident that the åbentlyst shelves Nazism, 20. april. This is done to celebrate Adolf Hitler's birthday at the middle of the stands with a banner at Aarhus Stadium, where the text reads "Congratulations 18!" -- 18 is the numerical code for the letters A and H, Adolf Hitler.

A picture of banner-operation, subsequent to several Danish media, and also published on DNSBs website. The banner is, according to sources in the environment created by DNSB'eren Daniel Carlsen, together with Simon Hvass Jacobsen and Anders Gunge Dall.

In an interview with the newspaper JP Aarhus, 31. May says a member of the White Pride, however, that they do not see themselves as Nazis. He explains on his political beliefs: "We are not Nazis, racists. We hate Jews, blacks and all others who are not white. We are against raceblanding. "

About the group's use of violence themselves, he further; "Politicians think they can fix things by talking. We make it more violent, because it is best we can. "

Opposition from anti-fascists
However, it is not all that looks passive when White Pride group goes on the street. As a group of right-wing extremists, 12. april attacking a party in kulturstedet house in the centre of Aarhus, where Antiracistisk Network has just completed a seminar, they will be met with stiff resistance. 20-30 right-wing extremists doing shortly before midnight ready to attack the party, but will be surprised by a large group festdeltagere, which stands ready armed with bottles. After a gadekampslignende clashes withdraw the invaders back and the police arrive quickly to the spot. Øjenvidner appoint subsequent Nick Schwabach and Thomas Vestergaard among the attackers.

Three weeks after - 1. May - is the former White Pride and Danish Front leader Jacob Engelbrekt Andersen in the Botanic Garden in Aarhus, where a larger group bz'ere are meeting after a demonstration. He chased away, and submerged a short time later to the rescue of a group of White Pride. In the group seen among other Simon Hvass Jacobsen, Gert Rask Eriksson and Sølvkær Christian Andersen. The right-wing extremists 10-15 surfaces bz'erne until this interrupted by the police.

The old generation of White Pride-people make is often a piece from the young people in the stadium. Jaipur-AGF, 16. March 2008 was no exception. While the White Pride stood with the rest of the unofficial fans, was Jakob Engelbrekt, Thim Mortensen Petersen, Michael Verner Larsen and Lars Rask Eriksson well then, in company with the White Pride-member Morten Kjeldsen and one of the key figures in Nysir, Rene Lindberg.
After the episode reviews Jacob Engelbrekt Andersen one of the young venstrefløjsaktivister to have spent a tåregasspray against him, just as Simon Hvass Jacobsen acts of violence against one of the left. Since Jacob Engelsbrekt Andersen case will appear in court on 6. July is a group of anti-fascists himself and four people arrested subsequent to have smashed the windows of the car he arrived at the right in.

In addition, White Pride-stamværtshuset The Old Høker exposed to anti-fascist graffiti, vandalism and receive a letter in which the site owners are encouraged to distance themselves from the White Pride.

More football violence
In addition to assaults and confrontations with the Left tørner White Pride several times with fans attached to other football clubs. On 3. May plays the football club Wigan in Aarhus. An agreed tussle between Odense hooligans and White Pride cancelled for unknown reasons when the White Pride assembled at Aarhus Harbour. The group, which counts 25 man chose instead to attack a group of Blackburn fans at the inn Sherlock Holmes in Frederiks All. Several of the Aarhus hooligans will be arrested by civilian police.

White Pride assembled at the port before the AGF-OB, 3. May 2008. In the image seen among other Anders Gunge Dall and Mikkel Busk Espersen.

White Pride at the port of Aarhus before AGF-OB, 3. May 2008. The group is here on the road to Frederiksgade where a group of Blackburn fans sitting in a pub.

Clash between White Pride and Blackburn fans in the Frederiksgade 3. May.

With the White Pride group, this day is among other Jesper White Petersen, Thomas Vestergaard, Simon Hvass Jacobsen, Nick Schwabach, Martin Stegmann, Johny Conrad Petersen, Christian Sølvkær Andersen, Asbjørn Borg, Thomas Smed Bjørnli, Mikkel Busk Espersen and Anders Gunge Dall . At least eight of the group, which attacks OB-fansgruppen of Sherlock Holmes has been in the spring of 2008 to Vederfølners events.

Tottenham Hotspur FC-AGF, 12. august 2007. Johny Conrad Petersen, active in, among other things, White Pride and Vederfølner, with the right arm up to a Hitler-greeting.

The 7. May surfaces a group of White Pride members of two guards at Riisvangen Stadium in Aarhus. No one is arrested on the spot, but late in the evening arrest Østjyllands Police Simon Hvass Jacobsen for the attack. He produced the following day in grundlovsforhør for the purpose of detention. The judge choose to release him the next morning. Few hours later he is arrested again. This time in Aalborg where he and 16 other White Pride-people preventively arrested to prevent battle with local Millwall FC hooligans. All released again.

Friday, 9. May clap trap, however, finally for Simon Hvass Jacobsen. Byrettens release him days before been kæret of the Prosecutor and the High Court chooses to overturn the release. The lead hooligan is then in custody over the summer and are in the deadline for this article still in prison.
2. July plays Tottenham Hotspur FC v AGF. A small group of local hooligans agreements a fight with the White Pride on a lawn in Aalborg. In addition to a number of White Pride-people, Kenni Christensen was also present at the slagsmålet. He is a key member of Nysir, an stemningsgruppe officially reject violence.

Criminals contacts
In the summer of 2008 put people from the White Pride group, also in connection with criminal groups. In mid-May tells Aarhus Police in the press that in the recent past has seen people from the White Pride in exchanges with people from rockergruppen Hells Angels' ungdomsgruppe AK 81. In the fight against Arsenal on 11. May was among other Morten Kjeldsen overall with a small group of AK 81.

It is not the first time that White Pride linked to criminal circles. In the autumn of 2007 will be a man sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for trafficking in 7.5 kg of amphetamine. During the proceedings, it emerged that the convicted had tried to assemble a neo-Nazi tæskehold to threaten an ex-rocker to silence. The man who tried to hire tæskeholdet was Lars Jafner, back in 1996, also joined in the Danish Forum, and in a number of years, therefore has been organised by a group of the key persons in the White Pride.

Summer f æ ngslinger
Henover the summer of 2008 begins police action against the højreekstreme violence and hærværksmænd to bear fruit. In addition to custody of Simon Hvass Jacobsen will send two other voldssager White Pride group under pressure and lead to the imprisonment of several of its members.

The 28. July shortly after at. 21 will be a member of the Anti-Racist Network in Aarhus surrounded by 6-8 persons from the White Pride at the railway station in Aarhus. They form a ring on him and grant him several blows and kicking him in the head while he is down. The police are quick promotion on the ground and with the help of witnesses and video surveillance, we will quickly identify the perpetrators, but where to flee.

The day after the custody the aforementioned Thomas Vestergaard to have led the way in the attack. The same day, reports Daniel Hauge from the White Pride also himself and admits to having participated in the attack on the young anti-racist. He imprisoned for two weeks. On 6. august imprisoned White Pride-hooliganen Anders Gunge Dall also to have been involved in the attack. A fourth person sitting in fobindelse with the attack be arrested and released again on 8. august.

Another case, which strengthens the police attention on the White Pride is a brutal assault which takes place the night of 2. and 3. august by St. Clemens Straits in Aarhus city centre. A group from the White Pride strikes and kicking as hard on a 20-year-old man's head, that he is close to death. The victim ends up in the respirator, and attacked, both the police and the city's dørmænd to sharpen the tone against the racist hooligans.

In the spring of 2008 to obtain the White Pride is a greater amount of shielding printed with Celtic crosses, one of the most-used symbols of the international Nazi movement. In Jaipur-AGF-fight in March 2008 bear Morten Bundgård tøjstykket neck. According to eyewitnesses was the same type of shielding used by the brutal assault on a 20-year-old man in Aarhus the night of 2. and 3. august.

The Aarhus Stiftstidende says chefpolitiinspektør John Jacobsen from Østjyllands Police on 10. august: "There must be something wrong in their heads on them. We have to do with a group of people who can find to trample a young man in the head, so he gets fractured skull. That was what happened the other day at the St. Clemens Strait.. " In the same interview to describe chefpolitiinspektøren White Pride as "a group of criminals" and a dangerous move, but overrules the same time, not the group's political aims:

"The group goes to the attack on the legal, political associations. The kind of an attack on freedoms of Circumcision. It is an attack on democracy itself. " He urges parents to immediately take action if they discover that their children move along with the group.

The 4. august arrested Mikkel Nicco Madsen from the White Pride and the subsequent custody of also having participated in the attack on St. Clemens Straits.

Nysir and the unofficial fankultur around AGF

The reason why the White Pride despite the authorities, municipal and AGFs against the initiatives has seen a resurgence the past year is bland other developments at the Aarhus fodboldtribuner. Her works stemningsgruppen Nysir as a gateway to the højreekstreme environment.

Since the turn of the millennium has been set up and dismantled a number of different stemningsgrupper and unofficial fangrupper around the football club AGF, but in 2007 and 2008, many fans have joined together in a new stemningsgruppe with the name "Nysir".

The group is officially non-political, but is actually a sanctuary and mobiliseringsgrundlag for the city's right-wing extremists.

Nysir is the result of a merger of the two unofficial fangrupper Young people and Spicy Ultras Aarhus (SUA). In addition to a lot of non-political football fans, the group also includes a number of former and current members of the White Pride and a secret group, calling itself Eliten.

Both Eliten and White Pride, both of which advocate Nazism and use violence in their defence of AGF, is an integral part of Nysir, despite the group's non-political line. This is linked to an interpretation of generally accepted parole "no policy in the stadium," which means that organized racists and Nazis are welcome in the group, not just the propaganda or surfaces people while they are on tour with Nysir.

The 7. June ate a small group of Eliten at Cafe Pinden in Aarhus. From left: Anders Gunge Dall, Rene Lindberg, Kasper Ehlers, Martin Stegmann and Daniel Carlsen.
Another reason for the acceptance of the extreme right in Nysir is that the members of the group know each other after many years together in the stadium and side by side in many of the bus and byture in football. Some of them have even been organised together earlier in the Youth and SUA, as they share the special passion for extreme cultivation of AGF, which often binds unofficial fans together.

The development must be seen in the light of that development on the Aarhus tribuner as in the rest of the country in recent years have progressed very quickly. Once there were only the official fan club around the AGF, the White Brøl - today Fanclub AGF Aarhus, but around 2004/05 Aarhus saw a general increase in the number of so-called unofficial fans. The environment consisted of young men who had seen hooligan movie "Football Factory" in the cinema, invested in fashion-right casual clothing and visited the cohesion in the stadium.

Many in this group would agree to a code in the stadium, which meant that it turned to the official fan club, which was seen as a boring and commercial exploitation of authentic, "Popular" cultivation of the city's teams. It is an "us-against-them" attitude in relation to the authorities who dominate, and violence is much efforts accepted as an inevitable part of the culture.

The background to Nysir
First wave of hooligans and extreme football fans came in the early 1990s. In the period 1992-1994 occurs the three main hooliganfirmaer that is the environment own name for a hooligangruppe, in Denmark so; Ultras Copenhagen in the capital (now Copenhagen Casuals), Southside Brigade from Arsenal (today Southside United), and Aarhus Ultra White Pride (in everyday language White Pride).

At that time roligankulturen around the national team peaked, and fankulturen around klubholdene here at home began to develop with inspiration from abroad.

There is growing also a great culture of non-violent stemningsgrupper forward, some of whom call themselves ultras after the Italian model, other casuals after the English-inspired tøjkultur. Stemningsgrupperne and hooliganfirmaerne has always been closely related, and in many clubs, there is overlap between the two categories of fans. Overall, the groups as the "unofficial", a contrast to the official fanklubber, which according to many, the unofficial one for uncritical, commercial and boring approach to being a football fan.

The second major wave peaking in 2004/05 starting around the turn of the millennium in Aarhus.

In 2001, formed the group forward as a result of the official fan club, AGF Aarhus Fanclub. The name comes from the elimination of two groups of friends who called themselves forward and rearward end, for fun ran an internal rivalries with each other. They sat in front of and behind in the same bus and sang songs against each other when they were out to football together. The group has continuously organized busafgange to udebaneture, but the focus has never been to be a real stemningsgruppe, but rather to have fun and get a little alcohol inboard in connection with the fighting.

Three years later Galehuset formed, as the first declared stemningsgruppe around AGF.
Galehuset was partially created as a response to the mood and style of the environment surrounding the official fan club. Galehuset would have an offensive and public stemningsskabende line to gain entry. The group's name is an ironic allusion to the AGF, which at that time in the eyes of many was seen as a bedlam. The group was soon a huge success, as the addition to create atmosphere for the fighting also had a humorous profile, which many felt good about. On their website had, among other things, a "Galehus-league" of clubs in superligaen got points depending on the scandals, they could deliver. All of this was that Galehuset quickly was the biggest factor in the Aarhus fanscene.

One of the main factions in the unofficial fanscene in Aarhus, Galehuset, among other things, creates mood through banners and topindsflag.
Galehusets concept is that the group will be guided by the people who are active in the group's Internet forum - wants to be active, you just participate in the debates, and then even to define the group's work. Group rejects, however, clearly and violence and are in opposition to the White Pride.

Galehuset and forward is right from the start very disagree. First and foremost, on how to which fangruppe to create atmosphere and support the club, but the secondary on the violent and highly racist White Pride group's position in the stadium and in fanmiljøet.

The forward has always allowed access to their busture, as long as they do not create trouble on the trip, which several well-known White Pride-people have taken advantage of, among other Mikael Moller Grubert and Morten Birkedahl Jensen. The criticism from Galehuset and their part of the environment was, therefore, that forward was not up to its responsibilities when on the way helped the White Pride with transport to udebanekampe. Josef Olsen from The forward, who has close social relations with White Pride members, has enthusiastically defended the White Pride right to come in the stadium.

With the massive expansion of fankulturen general in Denmark, and also in Aarhus, around 2005 increased the differences within the Galehuset also. Fronterne drawn up between "young" and "old". The young people of Galehuset is primarily concerned with, because Galehuset is the best place to create good atmosphere and the elderly is primarily because they are sure that there are some nice people with good humour. This creates divisions, and there will be many discussions about how much to contribute to the mood, to be with the Galehusets trips.

In the debates in this period speak a lot about being a part of the most "spicy end of the sausage." Most young people do whatever they can to create the wild atmosphere of the matches, but feel they are being thwarted by the older part, which would rather hyggesnakke than sing and noise in the stadium.

SUA and Galehusets closure
Since Rene Lindberg, which operates the fansiden website, in 2007 will be excluded from Galehuset because of its contacts with White Pride and form his own group will be named this: Spicy Ultras Aarhus (SUA).

Galehusets line has been from the start that they would not accept the White Pride - or their friends. Since Rene Lindberg repeatedly will be seen together with other twins Rasmus Bonde and Mikkel Jacobsen, who has previously been part of inderkernen in the White Pride, will he be expelled. He takes his 10 closest allies over the SUA. This is mainly on younger people who are tired of the "old generation" of Galehuset and which do not share the critical attitude to the White Pride.

Before Rene Lindbergs expulsion and SUAs formation, creating a group of even younger boys in 2006, also the group Youth. This happens because there are more young people into the environment, which will be unable to participate in Galehusets trips due to a 18-year age limit. In connection with the non-growth environment is also the group Aarhus Casuals. The group has no website, but works in the beginning as an autonomous, but smaller, hooligangruppe who like to deal with hooligans from rival clubs.

Sunday, 1. april 2007 is Galehuset to launch the biggest anti-racism campaign in Danish football history with the official fan club and the club's sponsors. One of Galehusets leading characters are the spokesperson for the entire campaign and open up and criticise the White Pride, along with Mayor Nicolai Wammen (S), Nick Horup (editor of TV2) and Bishop Kjeld Holm. In a hjemmekamp against Rather distributed up to 10,000 pins with the text "I am AGF-fan and against racism", and by kampstart audience was invited to "give racism the red card", with the red papskilte, which in today anlending had been distributed to all in the stadium.

The campaign makes Galehuset will be added to the hatred of mainly White Pride, but also of several of the persons who Lindberg took with him out of Galehuset. They believe that the anti-racist campaign is political and that Galehuset therefore is hypocritical when they support the campaign, although they have previously said that they will not have the policy in the stadium. The day before the campaign should be launched bring unknown perpetrators fire to the anti-racist material. Danish Front's spokesman, Kenneth Andersen, backs on the arson, but the guilty are never, even if the suspicion is quickly addressed to White Pride.

The conflict culminates an evening in september 2007, where several known Galehus members are harassed and threatened in a pub in Skolegade in Aarhus. Now close Galehuset its public forum down, and continues in place an internal forum for a small group of trusted people.

In a statement in connection with the closure of Galehusets netforum, writes the group on developments in the gallery: "The people who repeatedly have marked themselves as being of an environment which mixes AGF with extreme political positions, a group of people who are known for not clearly and clearly to distance themselves from violence, as part of the defence of the club's colors - made personal threats in the public domain for several current and former moderators in Galehuset, in a way that forces us to close Galehuset in its current form ". Then send the ball further: "At the same time, we issue to our medsupportere, AGF, Aarhus Elite, Aros Guards, Police Aarhus and Aarhus City. You accept this? When is enough enough? "

In the winter of 2007 beats SUA and Young people join together to form Nysir. It happens after people from the two groups for some time have worked under the name "AGF Tifo", and it will succeed quickly to bring together many young people around them. The group is now leading by stemningsskabere in the stadium by AGFs matches after Galehuset have pulled away from the public.

On their website Nysir writes about himself: "The group has members from across the political spectrum, but do not believe that this has or should have any connection with or influence on our love for AGF." Inclusion in the group can read the following: "We occupy only people who know what we stand for, and which we know will make a maximum effort for our common passion. That is why we are demanding, when we select new people to our assembly and will strive for quality rather than quantity. "

Since the group in an article in Aarhus Stiftstidende be related to the right-wing extremists, released Monday a press release, which, among other things, stipulates that: "We are a 100% anti-political and anti-violent stemningsfraktion".

These statements should be compared with that since the formation of Nysir have been a number of former White Pride member who has had a firm place in the group. These include about Rasmus and Mikkel Bonde Jacobsen and Kristoffer and Nikolaj Bay Lund. Nysirs spokesman, Debianito, has also been active in the Danish Fronts forum.

Debianito from Nysir with a Nysir-topindsflag. Debianito has already had a profile on the Danish Fronts forum.
The former White Pride members have to the rest of Nysir angret their past. But it is not just the older members of Nysir, which has close links to the city's right-wing extremists. Kenni Christensen, who play a key role in stemningsgruppen, while in the White Pride.

Many other Nysir-people are also good friends with the new generation of the racist hooligangruppe because of their common past in young people. Among them is the declared a Nazi Daniel Carlsen, however, early breaks with Nysir to avoid putting the group in a bad light. He is now affiliated White Pride and with the Nysir he Martin "Dollar" Stegmann, Anders Gunge Dall and Tue Christiansen.

In the run-up to Daniel Carlsen and his friends break with Nysir, they have had a growing dissatisfaction with Nysirs anti-political line, and the ban on dealing with people from the White Pride at football matches. They therefore the secret group Eliten, which still is part of Nysir.

The group consists of a small group of people from the current Nysir of view, young people and the individual with a history of the SUA, including Rene Lindberg. Eliten counts also Kasper Ehlers from the White Pride and Morten Birkedahl Jensen, former White Pride and now Nysir.

By Vederfølners grundlovsmøde attended a large number of people from the unofficial fanmiljø in Aarhus. Here Rene Lindberg from Nysir greet Simon Degn Lajer, which educates White Pride members in the martial arts in the association Forsvardem.
Eliten works in practice as a fraction of the younger part of Nysir, and through this group has very active member of the Nazi party DNSB, Daniel Carlsen, given the opportunity to politicise a number of the young Nysir people. The group has, among other things, has helped him to distribute Nazi propaganda in the form of DNSB-tracts in the Aarhus area. Besides løbeseddelsuddelinger the group has been behind a series of smaller, social events.

In a grillaften organised by Eliten the home of White Pride-hooliganen Anders Gunge Dall in June 2008 singing group, among other things, a song with omkvædet: "We are Hitler Youth." Daniel Carlsen several times in the country's media when he defends the Nazis and deny the Holocaust.

He says, among other things, 16. May to the newspaper Urban that "people think fjendsk and hateful of National Socialism, because the only thing they know about it, is the story of the eradication of six million. Jews - and the interpretation of the Holocaust I do not believe in. I see Hitler as a great man who founded it, I believe, but people have problems with him because of the Communists and American propaganda since the Second World War. It is a huge problem that people believe in the democratic propaganda. "

And the Nazi party DNSB's forum, he has written in the spring of the following: "I have done a lot. My first jew-killing, I have yet to benefit. "

As fish in the water
The mood in the latter environment, the new generation in the White Pride an opportunity to act as fish in the water in the Aarhus fanmiljø. To signal that it is a broad stemningsgruppe, which has the right to represent AGFs fans, the Nysir officially distance to the White Pride and supports the motto "no policy on our stand".

However, this is a parole which has a dark side, since the definition of "no policy" is also facing initiatives to the rise in racism and Nazism in the stands, and thus in practice act as a defence of the White Pride. By failing to designate the anti-racism as a matter of course, and expressions of common sense, so will also prevent a showdown with the violent and racist culture that led to Galehusets closure.


In this report we have documented the close relationship between Vederfølner, the Danish Association and the violent, racist hooligangruppe White Pride. It has also been possible, through targeted research, to show how the unofficial Aarhus football environment despite AGFs attempt to counteract this, still usually very close ties to the far-right groups.

Both the political and sporting links, the voldsberedte racists an integral part of smilets city. The Danish Association distinguishes itself, however, by over two decades to have White Pride hooligans as its closest allies in Aarhus. The association has no taken the group under his wings and put football violence into a political context.

As the group of football-happy perpetrators were fledged, tried the first in Danish Forum, as Danish People's Youth and later Danish Front and the Aarhus Towards moskene. Today, says the project Vederfølner. The association is officially renounce violence and say they will not be organised together with the White Pride. Yet coach several board members in Vederfølner each week, the young hooligans in martial arts, in association Forsvardem, as a look at the Association's events reveal the large amount of overlap between the two groups.

Reason for personsammenfaldet is, according to our assessment that they are part of a single movement. A motion which is bound together by a utopian vision of a pure-bred society.

If we want to know more about the højreekstreme movement in Aarhus, Denmark and the rest of the Nordic region, we recommend that you read the books "The front in Denmark" published by documentation in the group Demos, and our own "Postbox 38." The site also continuously updated with news and analysis on the development of the extreme right.

Translation: Security and Society 2008

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