For the comfort of the User and in order to follow international legal standards, please, read the following text carefully:
1. The purpose of this server is to communicate, collect information and develop background in the sphere of security policy. Thus, please, add only articles relevant to one of the selected topics and to security policy making.

2. For registered users it is compulsory to publish or add articles to the server.

3. All articles must include relevant references and sources of the origin. In case the author requires authorization for publishing the article, please, do so, or contact the site administrator for support. For news articles, please, add a full link to the source and full name of the agency. Please, remember that adding articles without references can be considered stealing and not acceptable for the academic community.

4. Materials available on the Security and Society can NOT be used for any commercial activities. Articles which are primarily published by members of the Security and Society can be copied but the use of proper reference to Security and Society is required.

5. Added articles must contain a full title and categorization. Please, remember that categorization is the most important for sorting content in the Security and Society server and improves the search option.
Categories instructions:
a. Access rules to article "Publish article for"
As was mentioned above, the content of the server is sorted into 3 levels.
Public: available only in English language
Registered user: full access to relevant academic and theoretical articles
Expert user: all articles which include sensitive information must be selected to "expert user" group and IT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED TO COPY OR RE-PUBLISH materials available for expert users!
b. Information source (multiple choices available)
Alternative left support source - Information founded by "Left" support source
Alternative right support source - Information founded by "Right" support source
Appeal for future action! - This category includes sensitive content about future or prepared criminal activities
Educational material - Unsorted material without academic attributes
News event - Articles presented by news agencies
Personal analysis - Articles with this category must include only your original texts
Scientific material - Material published in scientific journals
State policy material - Official state materials
c. If added article originally comes from past date, please, put correct time in the category "Authoring information" under the body of article.

6. Authors of articles are fully responsible for published materials and administrators of the server Security and Society are not responsible for content added by users.