Welcome to the “Security and Society” server

Welcome to the “Security and Society” server,

This server was established as a platform to accumulate information and materials on selected areas of security policy.

The goal of the server is to provide relevant information for professionals and experts which may help to improve future security policy, primarily in the field of substantial or violent organized criminality. The team, which is feeding the server with information, consists of international experts specializing in security policy and working in academical and state institutions, non-governmental and law enforcement organizations.

Information provided on this server is classified into 3 categories based on three different types of users. The first category covers public articles, which provide public information mostly from news or public analysis. Public materials represent the smallest part of the server information. The second category provides information for the registered users. User account gives access to analytical materials, personal analyses, articles available in different languages, as well as to search and track the causes. Registered users also get possibility to publish their own analyses which becomes available to other users. The last category is for expert users. In addition to other options, expert users have access to operative information in progress. This allows expert users to compare trends in selected criminality fields, work with analysis which are in progress, and to access non-public information.